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5 of the Most Powerful Woman Superheroes of All Time

Happy International Women's Day!

With the release of the highly anticipated Captain Marvel on this landmark holiday, I think it's pretty fitting to release a blog post highlighting some of the most popular and powerful female superheroes of all time.

What's interesting is that a lot of these female heroes are much stronger than their male counterparts!

Let's jump into action!

5. Supergirl



Supergirl is actually the cousin to the famous Superman, not wife or anything like that.

Just like her strong as steel kin, she too can fly, leap buildings in a single bound, and lift cars above her head!

She is certainly a worthy opponent to many of her enemies.

4. X-23



Known for her breakout role in the critically acclaimed Logan, X-23 is just as powerful as her mutant father.

She has even faster healing abilities, more strategically placed claws, and even faster agility than her Wolverine father.

Top that with her tiny frame, she is fast, deadly, and ruthless.

3. Ms. Fantastic (The Invisible Woman)



Although Fox just can't seem to get the movies right, the character of Ms. Fantastic is still, well, fantastic!

Having the ability to make herself invisible as well as shooting invisible force fields from her hands certainly makes her an unexpected underdog.

2. Jessica Jones



Although her Netflix counterpart is quite successful (and enjoyable), it's drastically different from her comic origins.

In the comics, Jessica Jones is a P.I. and has the same powers, but is not a hard boozer, doesn't sleep around, and is married to Luke Cage.

To be honest I like both versions of the character equally. They each bring their own flare to the table.

1. Captain Marvel



Captain Marvel is #1 on the list because she was recently given the mantle of most powerful superhero of all time.

Given the fact that she can blast pure photon energy from her fists, fly on command, and can withstand the cold vacuum of space, this is no surprise.

To see her in all of her glory, check out Captain Marvel in theaters! (It was really good.)


Thanks for stopping in, and again, Happy International Women's Day!

It is so important that we recognize that women can be strong and powerful alongside men.

Together, we can rise to heights we never thought possible!

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